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The roots of creativity

The lovely James Fenwick did an interview with me last year…if you have a moment, perhaps you would like to ponder over it. Extract from the Roots of Creativity website, Art Porn “There’s not much I’ve been certain of in my life but I know that I’m serious about my art. No one in their […]

Chloe Roach and the Spiders from Hull

Last year when visiting my hometown of Hull (a place I hold very close to my heart) I decided to return to one of the clubs where I spent many Saturday nights of my youth tangled in black fishnets and badly applied eyeliner. Anyone who is from Hull or has spent a considerable amount of […]

Interview with the artist

  I was recently interviewed for a magazine called ‘Letters’ about my practice. If you would like to find out more about the magazine either visit the website or contact  Chloe Roach is a 28-year-old artist living and working in east London. She has most recently exhibited at Pop-up Circus; Say it Again at Art Nouveau Brixton; […]

Why Harold and Maude is still my favourite film

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post – waiting for my boiler to heat up the third load of water in order for me to have a full bath seems as good a time as any. This week I was undertaking a particularly arduous piece of work, during which I received a […]

Memories of my Grandma

My Grandma was 90 years old the last time I saw her and despite her persistent remarks about how her legs were going to start working again I could see her slowing up. As I walked down the church aisle between the pews people looked at me sympathetically wearing my friend’s clothes which I had […]

Rabbit costumes featured on Time Out’s website

A few days before New Year 2012 a friend of mine visited the Time Out website to see what was going on in London. To his surprise my rabbit costumes popped up on the front page. A few of my friends had attended the Animal Party last year and had bought a few of my […]

Pop-Up Circus – June 2011

Pop-Up Circus is a brand new platform for contemporary activity, promoting and staging music, art, film, theatre, writing, food and photography in lots of different venues and places. The premise of Pop-Up Circus is to promote the things that those involved really want to be heard, seen or felt. Pop-Up Circus will take the form of […]

One for One – April 2011

One for One is the first exhibition for a group of 18 artists engaged in a discourse on change and transition – the need for the artist to adapt to change; the transition of one artist’s inspiration into a work by another. Abigail Box Bram Thomas Arnold Chloë Roach Coffee+Sponge Dominic Harris Eleanor Fawcett Flavian […]

Baby do you hear me? – 2008

Novas Scarman Contemporary Urban Centre Exhibition: February 29th – March 29th 2008 Open: Mon – Sat 10am– 6pm To coincide with ‘International Women’s Day 2008’ Novas Contemporary Urban Centre presents Baby Do You Hear Me, an exhibition of contemporary female artists working across a range of media. The exhibition offers a cross-cultural space to contemplate […]

Spawn of Mrs Miggins

Myxomatosis is a state of mind Last weekend I went to a party and my alter ego Mrs Miggins gained an admirer. So much so that the admirer in question (who will remain unnamed) actually wanted to become her himself. After I explained that Mrs Miggins could only be embodied by a true professional (or […]