Baby do you hear me? – 2008

Novas Scarman Contemporary Urban Centre
Exhibition: February 29th – March 29th 2008
Open: Mon – Sat 10am– 6pm

To coincide with ‘International Women’s Day 2008’

Novas Contemporary Urban Centre presents Baby Do You Hear Me, an exhibition of contemporary female artists working across a range of media. The exhibition offers a cross-cultural space to contemplate the ever-relevant question of gender roles within society.

The works approach this subject with varying strategies of address, from an historical, symbolic almost mythological use of imagery to an explicit, interrogative act. The artist’s utilisation of the exhibition as a medium of empowerment and dialogue is not an attempt at subversive gesture but operating with a captivating honesty, a tactical persuasion on an apparently level playing field.

Themes of power, bias emancipation and stereotype remain stimulating subjects for productive discussion.