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The roots of creativity

The lovely James Fenwick did an interview with me last year…if you have a moment, perhaps you would like to ponder over it. Extract from the Roots of Creativity website, Art Porn “There’s not much I’ve been certain of in my life but I know that I’m serious about my art. No one in their […]

Chloe Roach and the Spiders from Hull

Last year when visiting my hometown of Hull (a place I hold very close to my heart) I decided to return to one of the clubs where I spent many Saturday nights of my youth tangled in black fishnets and badly applied eyeliner. Anyone who is from Hull or has spent a considerable amount of […]

Interview with the artist

  I was recently interviewed for a magazine called ‘Letters’ about my practice. If you would like to find out more about the magazine either visit the website or contact  Chloe Roach is a 28-year-old artist living and working in east London. She has most recently exhibited at Pop-up Circus; Say it Again at Art Nouveau Brixton; […]

Why Harold and Maude is still my favourite film

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post – waiting for my boiler to heat up the third load of water in order for me to have a full bath seems as good a time as any. This week I was undertaking a particularly arduous piece of work, during which I received a […]

Memories of my Grandma

My Grandma was 90 years old the last time I saw her and despite her persistent remarks about how her legs were going to start working again I could see her slowing up. As I walked down the church aisle between the pews people looked at me sympathetically wearing my friend’s clothes which I had […]

Rabbit costumes featured on Time Out’s website

A few days before New Year 2012 a friend of mine visited the Time Out website to see what was going on in London. To his surprise my rabbit costumes popped up on the front page. A few of my friends had attended the Animal Party last year and had bought a few of my […]

Spawn of Mrs Miggins

Myxomatosis is a state of mind Last weekend I went to a party and my alter ego Mrs Miggins gained an admirer. So much so that the admirer in question (who will remain unnamed) actually wanted to become her himself. After I explained that Mrs Miggins could only be embodied by a true professional (or […]

The fruits of Shuby’s loins

My mate Shuby made this fabric almost a year ago. It was supposed to be used to make a dress for a drag act at my show. Sadly finding a drag queen was much harder than I expected and the dress remained a figment of my imagination. I can now feel the creative juices going […]

Master of None 2011

I’m in the process of preparing for another Master of None event after the success of last year’s show. I’m hoping for something mid 2012 and as usual it will be packed with a mixture of performers, musicians, general crazy folk and art provided by my very good self. Here’s what went down earlier on […]