One for One – April 2011

One for One is the first exhibition for a group of 18 artists engaged in a discourse on change and transition – the need for the artist to adapt to change; the transition of one artist’s inspiration into a work by another.

  • Abigail Box
  • Bram Thomas Arnold
  • Chloë Roach
  • Coffee+Sponge
  • Dominic Harris
  • Eleanor Fawcett
  • Flavian Alaigre
  • Henry Byrne
  • Jennifer Farmer
  • Joe Graham
  • Laura and Lauren
  • Louise Macleod
  • Matthew Welch
  • Samuel Overington
  • Sikelela Owen
  • Silvia Krupinska
  • Yuki Aruga
  • Zoë Farmer

oneforone will feature audio installation, drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, performances, events and installation pieces.