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Spawn of Mrs Miggins

Myself and Mr Moustacio

Myxomatosis is a state of mind
Last weekend I went to a party and my alter ego Mrs Miggins gained an admirer. So much so that the admirer in question (who will remain unnamed) actually wanted to become her himself. After I explained that Mrs Miggins could only be embodied by a true

professional (or just someone willing to give me money) I came to an agreement with the unusual fellow. I told him that in exchange for a bag of gold I would construct Mrs Miggins’ long lost Uncle, Mr Moustacio, under the strict instructions that upon becoming this character he must look, behave and smell appallingly.

Having lived with Mrs Miggins for many years I’ve come to know her as quite a sketchy character and I don’t expect for a moment that her dear old Uncle will be any more mild-mannered. Why, it was only today that she stood at her front door wielding a baseball bat, like a bizarre anthropomorphic version of King Arthur. Mrs Miggins has never been a fan of trick-or-treaters at Halloween; she finds them greedy and offensive. Having been brought up on a strict diet of carrots as a kid she has certain levels of resentment towards the youth of today.

Anyway, after handing over Mr Moustacio I felt rather sad but I’m sure wherever he is, he’s having a great time eating from rubbish bins, scaring children, spreading rabies and making his creator proud. After all, there’s nothing more empowering than spreading myxomatosis across London.