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The roots of creativity

The lovely James Fenwick did an interview with me last year…if you have a moment, perhaps you would like to ponder over it.

Extract from the Roots of Creativity website, Art Porn

“There’s not much I’ve been certain of in my life but I know that I’m serious about my art. No one in their right mind spends hours pouring over a piece of wood or paper and giving it more attention than most children receive in a lifetime.”

“Sometimes I’m not even sure if it brings out the best in me. I become doubting, destructive and often use my partner as some sort of personal therapist to get me through the process. I think what makes it even more bizarre is the fact I need to live out a seemingly ‘normal’ life three days in the office to make ends meet, and then the moment I step out the doors I get back to doing what I think I do best.”